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Beating January Blues With Soul

Beating January Blues With Soul

There’s just something about January and the New Year that makes me want to CLEAN. And when I say clean, I mean the skirting boards behind my sofa’s kind of clean.

I have a ritual, whereby I don’t light a candle until the room it is in is tidy. Kids toys away, blankets folded, cushions plumped. It’s like the flame of the candle is my signal fire to relax. But as any of you with families or jobs will know, keeping your house this way is a never-ending task!

I soon realised that the trick to making my house smell incredible all the time was to make sure that my day-to-day cleaning and household items also smelled amazing! Plug ins, rooms sprays, floor fragrances…some of my most popular products (thank you!) all inspired by my need to keep my house smelling amazing day to day.

2021 was a big year for Soul’s household range, as we took the production in house, to make sure we got it exactly how we wanted it. We spent the last 12 months perfecting the range and I found myself trialling it in my own home, which my family weren’t complaining about as everything smelled amazing all the time and it meant I ended up doing most of the cleaning!

After the carnage of Christmas, it just feels right to start the year with a clean and fresh home. I’ve put so much thought into the Soul household range so that you can enjoy that feeling too. Tidy house, tidy mind and all that – it certainly works for me!

The aim for us was to make the many scents of Soul available to you in as many forms as possible and I think we might have just managed it.

I want it to be that you don’t have to panic about unexpected guests dropping by, because you’ve got a room mist to hand to quickly spritz around the lounge. I want you to enjoy a cup of tea and a book, because it smells like you’ve been cleaning all day with a simple shake of a floor fragrance! I wanted you to be able to reap all the benefits of our Relax range while you sleep, because you’ve got a plug in next to your bed that’s giving out those spa-like aromas all night long. 

There’s so much exciting stuff coming for 2022 and your amazing feedback is what drives us forward each day, so thank you, as always for your never-ending support.

Gem xx