Care Advice

Candle Care
Our candles are all carefully hand poured with natural soy wax. Filled with stunning aromatherapy essential oils, follow these steps to ensure you get the absolute most from our collection.
On your very first burn of one of our regular-sized candles (30cl) light for two 2-3 hours or until the wax has pooled to the edges. Burning for less time can cause the candle to 'tunnel', which leaves a build-up of wax around the vessel's sides and can reduce the maximum burn time. Our larger candles will take longer to create that pool so bare with them a little longer.
After burns (only when necessary) trim your wicks whenever you see them too long, crooked or bulbed.
Always ensure you stop burning your candle when 3mm of wax remains at the bottom, keeping an eye on a burning candle when the wax is low.
Please note our candles have a shelf life of 6 months due to the natural products used. Using after this period can compromise the aroma and burn quality.

Reed Diffuser Care
Our diffusers contain a high quality aromatic oil blended with natural derived, alcohol & glycol free base and finished off with your favourite essential oil blends.
It’s best to place your reed diffuser on some sort of styling tray, coaster or mat. Do not place directly onto polished or painted surfaces.
Wipe up any spillages immediately, the oil can affect some surfaces.
On first use allow 48 hours for the oils to soak the reeds and release our aromas.
For a stronger scent turn the reeds daily.
For a subtle scent turn the reeds less often weekly.
Refills are available along with replacement reeds, which we recommend every 6-8 weeks to ensure you experience that first fresh aroma every time you top up.
Plugin safety and care 
Remove your plastic cap from the fragrance bottle.
Insert your fragrance bottle into the bottom of the plug diffuser unit, until you hear a ‘click’ (ensuring the fragrance bottle is kept upright at all times).
Plug the assembled unit into your socket of choice. Ensure it’s on the highest level which is 5 for the next 24- 48 hours to activate the essential oils. Once you can smell our famous aromas filling the room you can turn the level down to your desired choice.
**Important!!! Remove the unit when 3ml of oil is remaining or replace with a refill**
Be aware when using plugin products to be extra vigilant when dealing with electrical goods.
Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.