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Celebrating Stress Awareness Day - 3rd November

Celebrating Stress Awareness Day - 3rd November

Family stress, work stress, general life admin getting on top of us – it can come at us from all angles, can’t it?

With National Stress Awareness Day on 3rd November, we wanted to touch on a topic that is so relevant to so many of us. 

The thing is stress isn’t always a bad thing. The right level of it can drive us and propel us into achieving things we might not have otherwise, but it’s when it gets overwhelming that you know you need to address it.

Overwhelm is a funny old topic, aside from the fact that overwhelmed and underwhelmed are a thing but just being plain old ‘whelmed’ isn’t - what might overwhelm one person might not even register on the radar of another. 

But regardless of what causes it, that feeling of stress and overwhelm is what inspired me to create Soul. I wanted to create products to help people combat these feelings in the best way I knew how. And without blowing my own trumpet, I get so many incredible messages from my amazing customers that tell me I might just have done it!

Our Relax range in particular, really harnesses the incredible natural benefits of the ingredients that we’ve used. Lavender is famous for reducing anxiety and emotional stress, along with geranium, the sweet-smelling essential oil which can lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. Also, the Relax range helps with sleep aid allowing customers to sleep longer and sounder – exactly what you need when you’re struggling to clear your head from the drama of the day.

And if lavender isn’t for you, our Soothe range with the most insane blend of geranium is incredible for alleviating anxiety and rebalancing hormones. This sweet-smelling oil can also uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. Mix it with patchouli which is a strong antidepressant, it will be sure to soothe overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

I really hope that whatever is going on in your world, isn’t causing you any stress, but if it is just know that I created my products with you in mind and I hope they help you.


Gem x