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Planning For Spring With Soul

Planning For Spring With Soul

Ah Spring.

I know it doesn’t officially begin until 20th March, but it’s on the way, isn’t it?

In just a few weeks’ time the sun won’t set until nearly 7pm and those few hours of daylight make ALL the difference to my mood. And I can’t be the only one dreaming about that first load of laundry out on the washing line?

I’ve just started to notice crocuses and snowdrops on the school run and they really do put a pep in your step. They are such a welcome break from the grey, dreariness of Winter.

The colours and fragrances you want around you tend to change with the seasons, I’ve found. Although we design all our products to be used all year round, I do have certain seasons in mind for some of the ranges.

In Winter we’re all about cosy, spicy fragrances that make us think of mulled wine and sitting by the fire. Personally, I love Winter – it is by far my favourite time of year. But even I must admit that by February I am over it and so ready for some Spring freshness as I start to gravitate towards lighter colours and scents.

Evoke, is great for awakening the senses with the powerful blend of lemongrass and black tea and comes in a gorgeous yellow glass for an added bit of sunshine!

It’s not always just about scents is it, I love to add a bit of colour to the house during Spring.

I love Coco for that gorgeous pop of pastel pink and Believe for the fruity and sweet raspberry and lime scent as well as it’s vibrant pink glass!

From the products I use around my home for that first Spring clean, to the candles I light at the end of a long day – I’m all about a fresh, blend at this time of year that will invigorate the senses a little and we have some perfect ranges that can do just that!