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From The Soul

Rest, recovery and reflection

Rest, recovery and reflection

‘Just take some time to rest and recover’. How often have we all heard that? After an illness, after childbirth, after trauma, work drama or stressful life events. But time is the one thing we never have enough of – right?

It seems to me that each generation gets busier and busier and moves faster and faster through life and the one thing we never seem to get time to do is to rest and recover. Sometimes you have to fight for that time or take baby steps to carve it out. Reading a book to escape, or to learn something new. Lighting a candle and doing nothing but inhale the scent and enjoy the flickering flame.

I never wanted this blog to be a hard sell on products, more a peek behind the curtain of the brand and what drives it (and me!) forward. So I wanted to devote a bit of blog space to the new Recover range as it’s a particularly personal one.

As a mother, as a woman and now even as a wife, there’s a lot going on. My mind is always busy with the mental load of running a home, a family, a business and chasing my own passions. So, I wanted to create a range to support that. To support that feeling of overwhelm, to help lift and balance my mood and just bring a sense of overall wellbeing.

We all know how much our sense of smell can ignite feelings and memories and this particular range is packed with Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Orange, Citronella, Aniseed & Thyme. A cool, refreshing, citrus spa like blend of powerful essential oils.

Did you know, eucalyptus oil is thought to reduce brain fog? Rosemary oil is often used in massage oil because of its rejuvenating scent. Thyme oil is known for reducing anxiety and orange and citronella are well known for lifting the mood. Finally, Aniseed has a long history of being used to alleviate anxiety, stress and tension.

All in all, I knew these were the ones I needed in this range.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said; “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness” and this rings so true for me. I really hope that you enjoy this new range and that if there is any darkness in your life, it helps to lift you out.