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From The Soul

Travelling with Soul

Travelling with Soul

Does anyone else get really excited about all the mini toiletries you get to stock up on when you’re going on holiday? There’s just something about tiny versions of all my favourite products that I find really satisfying. 

As we approach the summer months (how is it June already?!) I’m already thinking about all the bits and bobs I need to start accumulating to make packing a breeze - because it ALWAYS falls to me to make sure we’ve all got everything we need. I have to admit though, I find it a little stressful.

When packing for a holiday, whether that be one with strict airport security rules or even a road trip and a UK Staycation where space is tight, it can feel as though you need to compromise on what to take with you. Which is a nightmare when you’ve come to rely on certain products for your mental and physical well being, or even to help little ones sleep. 

Nothing brings down the excitement of a holiday like worrying you’re going to get no sleep for a week!

But you’ll be pleased to know, we’ve made it easy to take Soul on the go!

Not only do we have mini sets and travel sized versions of some of our best sellers, but we even have a range of car diffusers - meaning you can enjoy the scent of Soul from door to door! Let’s be honest, being trapped in a car full of excited kids, on a road trip or even just a trip to the airport, means you’ll probably appreciate our soothing scents more than ever. 

If you’re nervous about flying or need to take a moment for yourself, our Relax Pulse Point can give you something to focus on and distract yourself with. Or if you and your family have come to rely on our range of products to help you wind down after a busy day, why not try our Relax Sleep Gift Box which includes a bedtime mist, travel wash and body lotion, bath salts, pulse points, a tea light AND two wax melts! 

Although if you’re going abroad… maybe leave the tea lights and wax melts at home to enjoy while you’re powering through all that post-holiday laundry!

Before I go, I want to leave you with my absolute favourite, number one travelling with kids tip that I think absolutely everyone should know - tin foil. Take a roll of tin foil and some tape and you’ve got blacked out windows to ensure a sound night's sleep wherever in the world you go. 

You’re welcome.