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It’s OFFICIALLY wedding season!

It’s OFFICIALLY wedding season!

Whether you’re getting married yourself or you’re attending a wedding this summer, we’ve got you covered here at Soul with something for everyone and every budget.

Planning a wedding is so hard!

No matter how big your guest list or your budget, from food to favours the costs can quite quickly spiral.

We can’t help you with the food, but we can ensure the favours don’t get left behind!

How about a personalised Soul votive?

We can personalise the label for you in a variety of ways! How about adding your married name and the date of your wedding, or a little thank you note, so guests leave with a lovely memento of the day! Or you could personalise each candle with their name and use them as unique place settings!

The bows on the box can be changed to fit your colour scheme and as I’m sure you already know, our votives can come in any of our amazing scents. For smaller budgets, you can do the exact same thing with our set of tealights too! There really is something for every budget and taste.

And don’t forget the bridesmaids treats, how about a pamper hamper, like our Pamper With Soul gift set?

Bridesmaids and younger guests will love a little bag of bath marbles! I’ve seen some really lovely ‘hangover kits’ that have been left in the rooms of bridesmaids too and I can imagine a lovely long soak in a hot bath, with one of our bath marbles would be very much welcomed after a night of partying hard!

Or we have a number of gorgeous gifting options, to help your nearest and dearest feel as amazing as we know you will on your special day! Gift sets including wax melts, votives, bath fizzers and diffusers…there’s something for everyone! 

And don’t forget, our scents are enriched with the benefits of essential oils - use them to your advantage! With scents to relax or invigorate and ranges to help aid a number of things like problems sleeping or anxiety.

Are you a guest this season instead?

This is an easy one - we’ve got a whole range of gorgeous gifting options for you to choose from.

We have a wide variety of scents, infused with a range of essential oils. One benefit of gifting something like our Soul products is that the scent is such a memory trigger for most people and every single time the happy couple light their Soul candle or enjoy the fragrance from whatever you choose for them they will be reminded of their happy day. And what more can you ask for in a gift really?!

We LOVE love here at Soul - so if you do see Soul at a wedding this season be sure to tag us in your photos as we would love to see them: #WeddingsWithSoul