Sarah Duncan

Following a 12 year career in Educational Recruitment Sarah embarked on a change to benefit her young family. Retraining as a Swedish Body Masseur and Reiki Therapist gave her the inspiration to create a range of candles that could be used during her treatments but also desirable to all.

Being a huge fan of candle’s Sarah and her friend of 7 years and now business partner Gemma embarked on creating a line of candles that would impact on a person’s well being but also look beautiful in the home.

Our flagship range of organic wax aromatherapy candles are lovingly hand poured for us. We have 4 signature scents Relax, Uplift, Soothe and Nero.

We are looking forward to expanding our range and introducing new scents to our clients.


Gemma Vujnovic

Gemma has a background in Sales,giving her first hand experience in understanding Client's needs and knowing the importance of what they are looking for.

Gemma is as passionate about candles and Soul as she is of her family. She is highly creative and enjoys the design element of Soul’s process when launching a new range which shines through in their product.

Their close friendship and partnership is what makes Soul a success and a journey they enjoy being on together.