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My thoughts ahead of Children’s Mental Health Week

My thoughts ahead of Children’s Mental Health Week

January feels like the longest month ever doesn’t it - yet I’m still always surprised when February rolls around. 

February is a big month for Soul - because it features something which is very important to me personally - Children’s Mental Health Week, which this year runs from 6th - 12th February.

The mental health of both children AND parents is so important to me. Being a mummy and raising children is without a doubt one of the hardest things I have done. Somehow, it is both the most rewarding and joyful thing EVER but as we all know can also be super tough at the same time! I love my children to death but that doesn’t take away from how difficult it can be to be a parent at times. The challenges never get easier, they just change as your children grow up. Soul was born out of trying to help support the mental wellbeing of anyone who used it and I’m so proud to know that it has most definitely done that.

From the sleepless nights, rocking your brand new baby and staring at their little face to the whirlwind toddler phase - those first few years are TOUGH. From personal experience, staying calm and prioritising sleep was key for me. And from the reviews I receive from my wonderful customers, it seems like that’s the case for you too! 

I get countless messages about how the calming scent of our Relax range has helped soothe fussy babies and anxious children at bedtime and I can’t even begin to explain how proud it makes me to receive them. Having three children of my own, I know how in those first few months it’s all about snatching a bit of shut eye anywhere you can and just how important getting those little ones to rest is, no matter how much they fight it! 

And then there’s the housework…They say to sleep when the baby sleeps, but then when do you fit everything else in?! You have to relax your standards a little don’t you - which is tough when you’re houseproud like me. Which is why I created and swear by our household range. From our multipurpose marbles and floor fragrances to our room sprays, they are all quick and easy ways to make your house smell amazing (and like you’ve been cleaning all day) whilst reaping all the benefits of those essential oils!

As they get a little older, you fall into a routine and sleep becomes a little more reliable. In fact, sometimes it’s you dragging them out of bed to hustle them out of the door for school! But whilst sleep and finding the time to clean is less of a stress, parenting just moves into the next phase…anxiety, busy social schedules, exams,  friendships, fallings out and trying to motivate those tiny humans you created into becoming the best version of themselves they can be. Phew its a difficult one to navigate! 

Coco - inspired by my own daughter - is perfect for those school-age years. Packed with amber, frankincense & cedarwood it helps with depression, stress and anxiety just like our little Coco -  who is 3 going on 13!

And now, somehow I have an actual 13 year old too! My eldest son is now officially a teenager and it is so strange to think that my tiny baby is now well on his way to becoming a man. It’s so important to me to teach him about self care and how important it is. The mental health of our children is a growing concern with things like social media and the celebrity culture a daily part of their lives. We all remember how overwhelming and stressful being a teenager can be, imagine having social media at the same time! Our kids have got it tough, but they think they know it all and they most definitely don't need our help… 

So I help in my own little way, as subtly as I can. From Energy on exam days to Relax on the days I know he has been up all night on the PS5. Sometimes I can even sneak a Recover candle into his room to freshen it up and he doesn’t immediately demand I remove it because the navy high gloss actually looks pretty good in there. 

It’s a minefield, no matter their age. But you’re doing a great job. Hopefully someone else has told you that today but if not - take it from me. YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB. 

Soul has always been about helping people and I truly hope that it helps whoever is reading this, through whatever stage of parenting you’re in. Whether that’s helping you to become the best parent you can be or helping your children navigate this thing we call life!


Gem x