Relax Your Soul this Wintertime!

Relax Your Soul this Wintertime!

As the clocks turn back and the seasons change we enter a time of preparation. It’s a beautiful time of year Winter.

Here at Soul it’s an extremely busy and exciting time for Gemma and myself. Our business is growing daily and we are both so thrilled and grateful that so many of you are joining us on our journey so thank you all.

We do not view Soul as” just” a candle company we are so much more. Our concept from the very beginning has always been unique in the sense that we wanted to offer you a lifestyle choice when choosing Soul. We believe that our products can help and support people whilst also looking elegant in the home. As many of you who have followed us since the beginning know, Soul was created with a desire to support wellbeing through offering candles that contain pure essential oils. Our flagship range was created to Relax, Uplift and Soothe with Relax being at the heart.

We will continue to keep this ethos as the business grows and there are some extremely exciting ventures coming up for the New Year with a particular focus on Wellbeing which we will announce later in the year.

I’m very honest about my struggle over the years with anxiety and it is great for Gemma and I to read your reviews and feedback. Our collection really does make a difference in your lives as well as ours.

We both understand the demands of juggling work, home and children and hope we can bring you a little comfort and timeout with our collection.

So, as we walk into winter together take time out for you, run a bath, light a fire, read a book, take a walk, cook, spend time with loved ones and friends. As I tell my clients “do what makes your Soul happy”.

We hope you enjoy our Winter selection to be launched and available this weekend. We shall be revealing all later in the week.

Relax your Soul this Wintertime, light our candles and allow the essential oils to create an atmosphere of peace, calm and tranquillity we all deserve that.

Love and thanks

Gemma and Sarah